Design/Build: The Secret To A Stress-Free Remodel

Would you like to make your next remodel quicker, less expensive, and less complicated? Then our design/build process is perfect for you. From design plans to permits, carpenters to cabinetry, Potter Construction handles every facet of your remodel or addition. You get a design you love, at a cost you can afford. And you can feel confident that all the details are properly taken care of. Here’s how it works:

1. Visualize Your Dreams

In the first step, you tell us your wants, needs, and dreams. That way we can begin to visualize the newly remodeled living space you have in mind and come up with custom solutions to fit your requirements.

2. Getting Started

In order to seamlessly blend the old with new, we have to know exactly where we were starting from. So we begin the design process by taking measurements of your current layout. We also look carefully at the flow of traffic through every room of your home to find the best way to integrate the addition or remodel. Then we create what is called an “as built” drawing of your present house.

3. Plans, Options & Ideas

Now it’s time for us to dig in. From the “as built” drawing, we create two or three design options for you to choose from for your remodel. Once you select a design, it is redrawn using an innovative design program. This 3D visual shows you the newly remodeled room with views from both the side and ceiling, and shows the placement of permanent fixtures such as windows and doors. It also maps out the new flow of traffic.

4. Take a Virtual Tour of Your New Space

Next, we stroll through your remodeled home using our innovative 3D software to see exactly what your new space will look like from all angles. Wonder what would happen if you moved the stairs to the left, or the kitchen island to the right? No problem. We can test out options and make design changes right then and there. Many of our clients think this “virtual tour” is the best part of the whole remodeling process (next to moving back into their new space, of course)!

5. Decisions, Decisions

At this stage our expert designers work closely with you to choose big items like cabinetry and appliances. This phase is actually the most critical to the overall success of your remodel, because the decisions made now have a tremendous effect on how we build your new space—and how much it will cost. So we take the time to get it right.

6. Planning for Success

At this point there are still a few details left to be decided (like whether you want chrome or brushed nickel faucets). But with most of the planning and major choices behind us, we can now give you an accurate timeline for your addition or remodel. That way you know exactly what to expect before construction starts.

7. Turning Your Dream into Reality

Now we coordinate ordering all the final bits and pieces, and the actual construction begins. Throughout the process, the lead carpenter assigned to your project is always on hand to make sure your remodel goes smoothly. We also schedule weekly progress meetings to keep you in the loop. Should you have any questions along the way, we are always there to help.

8. The Best Part

After a stress-free remodel, we send in our cleaners to wipe away the construction dust. Then it’s time for you to move back into the renovated space and start enjoying your new home!