Jeff discovered the Seattle area back in the early 90’s and began a self-imposed five-year plan. Well, he’s still here.

His skills got honed early in life, working for a craftsman carpenter soon out of high school in rural New England. He was introduced to the building trade on new home construction from the ground up, with all the interior & exterior finishes being fabricated on site. Later, after a stint as a carpenter in a traditional boarding school, he headed west for a change of scenery. The same day he arrived in Seattle, he landed both an apartment and job in the first interview.

Many years in the remodeling trade followed. The tendency of the remodeling trade to be non-repetitive and sometimes contain randomness within its projects, alongside working closely with the clients, is a great match for Jeff.

It was the perfect path to Potter Construction, first as a lead carpenter, and now as a Project Manager.